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Brief Checklist for flight training

Welcome to BORN2AVIATE’s checklist-to-the-sky

Are you an aspiring pilot who is new to the industry and does not know where to start? Well, you have hit the right place. This is a brief checklist consisting of all the steps to becoming an airline pilot. So fasten your seatbelt and let’s get started!


  1. 18 years of age 
  2. 12th standard pass-out with Physics, Mathematics and English. (don’t have that? drop us a message!)
  3. ICAO level 4 English (Candidate  should be able to speak and understand English).


Being medically fit is a necessity for becoming a pilot. Before you start your journey we suggest getting your DGCA medicals done. These medicals can ONLY be done by doctors who have been approved by the DGCA. There are two classes of medicals- Medical Class 1 & Medical Class 2. The list of the doctors or hospitals can be found online or you can message us for the same and we will be happy to provide you with it.

Apply for Computer Number

Once you are done with your medicals, it’s time to start with applying for your Computer Number. You can do so on – this can be a very frustrating and long process. Hence we at BORN2AVIATE provide assistance for filling out the application as well as mailing the documents, so don’t worry…just contact us!

Preparing for and Clearing DGCA Exams

If you are training from abroad you need to clear the exams of the following subjects:

1. Air Navigation 

2. Aviation Meteorology 

3. Air Regulations

In case you are planning to train from India you need to clear the exams of the following subjects:

1. Air Navigation 

2. Aviation Meteorology 

3. Air Regulations

4. Technical General

5. Technical Specific

You can either prepare on your own or take ground classes from BORN2AVIATE. You can reach out to us for more information on the same.

Flight Training

After you are done with the steps above, it’s finally time to pack your bags and start your Flight Training! You can either train from India or Abroad-. As per our research and experience some countries that are good for flight training are:

1. the United States

2. New Zealand

3. Australia 

4. South Africa

5. Canada 

We at BORN2AVIATE provide various programs all across the globe, with many options for you to choose from. We take every candidate’s case and match them with the best available option for them.

Conversion Process for Getting DGCA License

If you have trained outside India, then you will be required to do your license conversion…Which can be a tricky and time-consuming process. The process includes lots of paperwork and flying to India. 

For all students pursuing flight training with BORN2AVIATE, we will be assisting them with their entire conversion procedure.

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